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What We Do

Clear up the liquidated estate with our services. We take care of everything and provide the labor and clean-up materials — no need to provide dumpsters or anything since we have it covered.

We work with you to remove clutter and debris from your space. Whatever your wish is for the liquidated property, we can clean it out to your specifications. We know that sometimes you need a little clutter removed and other times you need more comprehensive clean-up services. We are here to provide that full range of clutter removal. We will clean out attics, sheds, basements, and garages. We can also do small demolition if needed.

Our focus is on leaving the property in better condition than when we arrived. We create a plan with you and then we bring that plan into reality. Our team works tirelessly to clean the estate to prepare it for you and your goals.

Who We Are

For over 30 years, we have provided the estate liquidation and property clean-out services that you need. We are committed to the Richmond, VA, community and work to keep your home clutter-free.

Our unique promise is to recycle everything that we gather during our estate liquidation services and other property clean-ups. We recycle everything possible and only take the items that we are absolutely unable to recycle to a landfill.

We believe in helping you and the world around us, which is why we are committed to recycling. We don’t strive for the easiest solution but for the best possible solution for you and the environment.

When you need estate liquidation services, come to Carl Pullin Estate and Property Clean-Out Service in Richmond, VA. Call (804) 559-3074 or complete our online form to schedule our services today!